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Certified Nursing Assistant

The Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

work alongside the Doctors and Nurses. The CNA plays a very important role in the healthcare field, they are the key players, nurses, and doctors depend on the CNA to help address a patient’s needs and concerns. The medical staff also relies on the Certified Nurse Assistant to make the patient feel secure and comfortable during their stay, whether it is in a local area hospital or Long Term Care Facility.

​Realize Your Potential And Tap In!

Are you excited? Well, Latitude is! Let’s get you started by signing up for our 17-day course. Your primary instructor is a Registered Nurse with expertise in teaching the adult learner.


Get excited because you are on your way to having a profitable livelihood and a greater sense of self-worth. You will be educated and trained by staff, that understands your journey.  At Latitude Training Center we teach from experience.


The average hourly pay for a CNA is $17/ hr, that's an annual salary of up to $35K. Imagine what you can do with that. Upon successful completion, you will be qualified to test for the "State of Michigan Nurse Aide Certification exam".

Responsibilities of a Nurse Assistant

  • Taking and recording temperature and blood pressure 

  • Assisting patients with feeding, dressing, and bathing

  • Measuring food and liquid intake 

  • Communicating changes to the Nursing staff

  • Patient’s rights advocate

Enrollment Requirements

  •  Fill out the Nurse Aide Training Program Enrollment Form

  •  There is an enrollment fee of $175.00 (Non-Refundable) that goes toward tuition ($25 of that fee may   be retained by the school if the applicant is denied enrollment)

  •  Complete an entrance assessment for basic reading and math

  •  Course Deposit $ (varies per plan) and is good for 30 days

  •  State/Government-issued picture ID* (The same name should be on all documents)

  •  GED/High School Diploma not required

  •  Drug Screens are not required at this time however consent will need to be signed upon   enrollment 

  •  Background Check with the State of Michigan 

  •  Vaccines are not required at this time but encouraged (this is subject to change/per clinical facility)

  •  Same-day orientation starts on the first day of class

Certified Nurse Assistant


Students will experience, classroom theory, interactive lab, and hands-on training. All the while preparing to conquer the future. After graduation students can engage in their educational planning and advance at their own pace.

Our program will allow students to exercise autonomy and make decisions about their future. While preparing to go to the next level.


This course is designed to prepare students for an entry-level position as a Certified Nurse Assistant. Students will attain a total of 85 hours of instruction. This includes 16 hours of classroom theory, hands-on lab, and 16 clinical hours in a skilled nursing facility.


Upon successful completion of the program followed by a written and skills exam, will lead to a 2-year certification!


Latitude Training Center

tuition is all-inclusive. We

provide workbooks, textbooks, study materials, and a uniform set will be provided to the student.


Other items included

  • state testing exam fee

       a $125 value

  • lab supplies 

  • student liability insurance

  • background check


All students are required to maintain a pass rate of 75%.

Students are responsible for their actions and will be held accountable and expected to carry themselves as professionals. 

More importantly, graduates will enjoy independence and stability. After attending LTC graduates will pursue a career in healthcare that will offer endless possibilities for job advancement.

CNA Tap in Tap Out Refresher

This course is curated for individuals who have already taken a CNA course and need to refresh their memory before taking the Michigan Nurse Aide knowledge or skills exam.  Our self-paced course is hosted on google classroom. Gain immediate access upon purchase. 

What's Included:

  • 22 skill videos

  • Practice test with answers

  • CNA-ready flashcards

  • Test-taking strategies

  • Study guide to refresh your memory

    • Resident's rights

    • Infection control and prevention

    • The legal and ethical behavior of a CNA

    • Abuse and neglect

    • Job hunting  

    • Interview tips to help secure your bag

    • Knowledge test prep


CNA Refresher Course


Latitude Training Center program is so thorough and the owner is very passionate about training. I know the students will be trained properly and always have a mentor in Mrs. Bryant.

Tyi'ea Stephens

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. The RN observer was so kind and funny and helped relaxed my stress for my skills test. Great place, take your skills portion of the test here. They’re awesome.

Francesca Tucci

This Nurse Assistant training center is simply amazing. You have a very experienced Nurse as an instructor whom goes above and beyond to ensure her students are prepared for their careers ahead!!!

Fair Healthcare Staffing

CPR Training


Injuries and certain illnesses can occur in any workplace environment.  Do you or your employees have the lifesaving CPR and first-aid skills needed to help patients, co-workers and/or customers in an emergency? Could they save a life?  Could you save a life? If the answer is no then you are in the place! ​

Whether your needs are to train employees or learn CPR for yourself. Latitude has a variety of courses to offer. We can train individually or in small group settings, our Instructors are certified by American Heart Association.

We provide training for:

  • Healthcare providers  

  • Daycare providers   

  • Churches   

  • Teachers

  • Firefighters   

  • Students   

  • Babysitters

  • Dental office staff 

  • Lifeguards

  • Athletic trainers   

  • Electricians

  • Family and Friends   

  • Volunteers


Anyone can be trained to help save a Life! The more people that has CPR Training the chances of survival are greater for victims of heart attack, choking and stroke to survive and get the emergency medical Help they need!

Early CPR keeps a persons vital organs responsive and the victims chances of survival dramatically increases.

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