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Do you aspire to be part of the medical team?


Maybe you see yourself as a Nurse or Physician Assistant even a Medical Doctor. Completing our course will be your opportunity to kick-start your journey to success. Our program will assist you in choosing a career pathway. Let us help you go from where you are to where you want to be.


As Healthcare needs continue to change, Latitude Training Center is taking a more realistic approach to training. Latitude will interject entry-level skills with next-level knowledge. Latitude will teach you the necessary skills to become employed as an essential healthcare worker with a profitable income. 


Tap into your potential!

We will teach the art of time management, how to successfully form a relationship, communicate and interact competently with the patient and the medical staff. You will learn to demonstrate sensitivity to a patient’s emotional, social, and mental health needs, this will include proper methods to deal with combative behavior and cognitive disorders all through skillful and direct exchanges.

At the Latitude Training Center, we are optimistic that our values

and quality service will help you go to the next level!

Latitude Training Center


“To teach the essential values of healthcare for community wide opportunities”


“To equip the adult learner with vital healthcare skills, social understanding and cultural awareness that patients require and deserve.”




Latitude believes that the foundation of Nursing starts at the bedside; learning how to

compassionately care for the patient’s emotional and physical needs.


Along with ADL training, the program teaches other responsibilities of a CNA, such as caring for the patient before it’s time to
administer a medication, hang an IV, or dress a wound.


We teach the fundamentals of nursing so aspiring essential workers can go on to
become Nurses and Doctors and fill the voids in the healthcare system.

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